ACFW Author Interview with Liz Johnson

In sort of an ‘aha’ moment I realized that I should be posting links to my ACFW interviews on this blog. I’ve been doing them since February, approximately one every six weeks, but somehow didn’t think about putting them on here until today? Not sure why it didn’t come to mind before, but I’m finally on the ball!

Links to my first three interviews can be found below. Hope you enjoy them!

Christian Suspense Author, Liz Johnson – May 30, 2011

Christian Fiction Author, Penny Zeller – April 4, 2011

Biblical Speculative Fiction Author, Adam Graham – February 7, 2011


About Suzanne Wesley

Suzanne lives in Indiana with her husband and their two girls. In May of 2009 she began freelancing from her home office, using a combination of writing and graphic design skills to create professional-level, marketing materials for individuals and businesses at affordable rates. She has a BS degree from Indiana State University (1996); and completed majors in both English, Liberal Art and Fine Art, Graphic Design. Suzanne also completed the Apprenticeship writing program of the Christian Writer's Guild and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). View all posts by Suzanne Wesley

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