Best Christian book covers of 2011

Today I saw a friend on FaceBook post the announcement for the ECPA’s (Evangelical Christian Publishers Association) list of final nominees for the best book covers of 2011. If you’d like to see their full report check out this press release . I noticed something interesting about the covers they chose.  The first, being that the three covers they chose as winners for the best covers by small publishers are stronger covers than those by the ones chosen as winners for mid-sized publishers, and possibly two out of three of the larger publishers.  Why are these smaller publishers pulling off covers that are equal to or better designed than the larger publishing houses?

Which leaves me wondering two things: a) Did the larger houses not submit covers for consideration? And, b) Did it matter more to the smaller publishing houses to be in such a contest and therefore they had more submissions to choose from?

I plan to investigate! I’ll also try to include a post in late December or January on my favorite covers for 2011. (Details yet to be determined.)

I’d enjoy your comments on the ECPA nominees if you’d care to share them?


About Suzanne Wesley

Suzanne lives in Indiana with her husband and their two girls. In May of 2009 she began freelancing from her home office, using a combination of writing and graphic design skills to create professional-level, marketing materials for individuals and businesses at affordable rates. She has a BS degree from Indiana State University (1996); and completed majors in both English, Liberal Art and Fine Art, Graphic Design. Suzanne also completed the Apprenticeship writing program of the Christian Writer's Guild and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). View all posts by Suzanne Wesley

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