Book & Cover Reviewer has relocated . . .


In January of 2016 I started a second part-time job and took a lengthy break from reviewing and blogging. [You can bet that I didn’t stop reading though!!]

I’m launching a new blog called Book Cover Clever that will still feature the book and book cover reviews that you enjoyed here … but with a few additions. Hope to see you there!

What to expect from Book Cover Clever

Book Cover Clever is your blog to turn to if you love to write or read in the Christian fiction or young adult (YA) categories. We focus on promoting ‘clean’ books, and related fun items or facts, from both the Christian and general market.

Not only am I a reader and reviewer, but I am also a professional graphic artist. Each book review will also include a design review of the book’s cover! After all, most of us will admit that the cover is highly important in our choice to purchase one book over the many others available. Whether it was the first glance of the design that caught our eye, or the compelling back cover text that sucked us into the story … it all matters in making our decision on what we purchase to read next.

Beyond reviews, this blog will also feature other writing, reading, or graphic design related posts or products that I think this audience will find interesting.



About Suzanne Wesley

Suzanne lives in Indiana with her husband and their two girls. In May of 2009 she began freelancing from her home office, using a combination of writing and graphic design skills to create professional-level, marketing materials for individuals and businesses at affordable rates. She has a BS degree from Indiana State University (1996); and completed majors in both English, Liberal Art and Fine Art, Graphic Design. Suzanne also completed the Apprenticeship writing program of the Christian Writer's Guild and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). View all posts by Suzanne Wesley

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